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Solapur is a city with bi-linguistic and multi-cultural features. The expertise of the artisans of Maharashtra can be seen in the fine art and craft finishes. The fine fabrics of mashru and himroo are the clear examples of their highest level of weaving art. The fabrics which look like golden cloth are regarded to be one of the finest of its kind.

Solapur is noted for its Dhangari Gaja dance where the people adorn themselves with dhoti, angarakha, pheta and colourful handkerchiefs.

While shenga chutney (groundnut chutney), shenga poli (sweet groundnut & jaggery stuffed flat bread) and kadak bhakari (Crispy flat bread) are legends that will make your mouth water, there are other Solapur favorite dishes you won't find anywhere. The pani-puri and bhel (which has a hot chutney without tamarind) are very unique in Solapur. Bhaji (fritters) & KT (tea on tea stalls) are other Solapur specialties.