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The design is a very important part of Towel value addition. Manufacturers do not pay much attention to design development. They get designs from buyers and make it. Manufacturers need to invest in making their own towel designs. Every design can be trademarked for protection.

Announcing a vibrant terry towel design competition, with 3 judges from outside Solapur. Three Prizes will be given - Rs. 25,000, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 10,000.

5 different themes will be given in the design competition:

Solapur factories and designers from all over India can participate.

The prize will be given by a top designer of INDIA or from the foreign country in an event in Solapur.

The first competition will be in Feb 2019.

And another competition during VTT in Sept 2019.

This will open up Solapur to national designers and factories will also develop in-house design capabilities.