Market composition of US$ 104 billion global home textiles market of which global towels market is US$ 25 billion which India continues to dominate.




Solapur renowned as"The Towel City of India" for its crafty Jacquard terry towels, with wide ranges of colorful terry towels being manufactured at reasonable costs.

Also known as one of the ‘Manchesters of India’ owing to its thriving cotton textiles industry, Solapur possesses a rich blend of cultures, interesting mythology and a thriving cottage and small scale industry base that deals with the agricultural produce of the region.

With its unique designs, Solapur’s terry towels are a protected and recognized Geographical Indication under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

Solapur is located at an important junction of the North-south railway line, which provides good transportation infrastructure for trade and industry. There are a number of medium and small-scale industries found in the district, and Solapur is one of the prime centers of cotton mills, handloom and powerloom industry.

Top 20 towel importing

countries from India

Country 2017-18
(In US$ millions)
USA 753.88
UK 77.41
Australia 42.87
Germany 35.86
Canada 34.3
UAE 33.83
Chile 22.51
France 22.41
Sweden 19.1
South Africa 16.87
Italy 14.98
Netherland 14.32
Mexico 13.01
Denmark 11.3
Spain 11.01
Japan 10.39
New Zealand 10.32
Belgium 9.3
Israel 7.77
China 6.73

India’s key export

market of towels